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The Storm (13-18)

A storm is a violent disturbance in the atmosphere that can leave devastation in its path. But with the right direction and care the aftermath can be a wonderful upgrade and building process that will change the very face of the landscape

The Storm Mission Statement

1. To Draw The Youth of Rock City Closer To God
  • To cultivate a Biblical Fear of God
  • To cultivate a deep reverence for the Word of God
  • C. To cultivate an appetite for TRUE Holiness lived out in their daily lives
2. To Build A Strong Relational Bond Between These Young People That Will Create An Accountability Structure Which Will Promote Christian Living Among Them
  • To help them cultivate STRONG relationships within the group which will aid them in their walk with God
  • Help them cultivate and structure these relationships for a life-time tenure
  • To teach them to be compassionate and loyal to one another
3. To Draw Out And Build Useful Talents Within The Youth Of RC Which Will Benefit The Over-All Ministry Organization For The Sake Of The Kingdom Of God In The Church And In Our City
  • To expose certain talents and skills that lie in each of them for the purpose of helping them find their created purpose
  • To help them surface in the use of such gifts and talents for the purpose of them having a reason to live life for God and for their fellowman
  • To give them a source of motivation that will help them create momentum in their lives which will give them the drive they need to go through life without contemplating quitting or giving up in any way
  • To establish these young people as an additional WITNESS group for other people in our city regarding the life Christ has purchased for us
  • E. The Abundant Life!

Bible Studies & Prayer Times

Life Applications of ALL aspects of the Christian life

Recreational and Social Activities

Ministry Applications For Our Church And Community

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