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Community Connections

To Partner with different charitable organizations in the community.  To empower individuals and help them seek, realize, or find their God-given purposes for their lives, their families, and Lubbock.  To provide opportunities for members to be engaged.  To glorify God.  To grow as individuals, as Rock City, as the Church.

Mission Statement

  • To extend the reach of the Church into our city by partnering with charitable organizations in our community.  

  • To empower individuals to seek, discover, and fulfill their God-given purpose.


JoAnn Armstrong CC Director

ROCK CITY partners with several local and national organizations through-out the year with goods, money, and volunteers in order to aid in the effectiveness of their outreach, ministry, and benevolence.  This is of particular importance to RC because we believe that the most effective Kingdom work is done "among the people"!  When you choose a logo you will be re-directed to their web site for further information about them but the RC site will stay open in the background. 


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